10 Things That Happened in Cryptocurrency over the last week

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Linea mainnet launching, gary gensler hates crypto, RFK JR backs Bitcoin and Ron Desantis is a big proponent of cryptocurrency and wants to abolish the IRS oh theres all this and a lot more of the latest cryptocurrency and bitcoin news to unpack!

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00:00 10 things that happened* in crypto
01:14 Robert F Kennedy Jr, Wants Bitcoin Backed U.S. Dollars
01:49 Ron DeSantis Promises a ban on CBDCs
02:11 Nasdaq halts plan for crypto custody service
02:45 Linea mainnet!
04:10 Miners are selling off Bitcoin!
04:47 Bitcoin Mining stocks are up YTD
05:45 BTC mining is more environmentally friendly
07:09 SEC lost against Ripple XRP!!!
08:20 Manta Network p0x labs raise $25M
09:34 IslamicCoin
10:26 Polygon zkEVM is accepted on Pancakeswap
12:09 Bitmain k7 is super cheap!
14:24 r/cryptocurrency launches the moon token!
16:43 Are telegram bots the new thing?

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