Bitcoin Price above $23000, Crypto M-Cap at $1 Trillion, & Ethereum Merge Explained!

Top Crypto News & Updates of the Week

✔️ Crypto Market Cap sustains above $1.05 trillion!

✔️ Bitcoin Price Rises Above $23,000, Should you buy this Dip or HoDL 📊

✔️ Ethereum Price crosses $1650 ​​after having touched near $1800 levels the previous week!
✔️ Millions have drained out of 8000 Solana wallets worth more than $8 million in the recent Solana Wallet Hack!
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So, today we have your favorite crypto traders @Crypto India I क्रिप्टो इंडिया & @Open4Profit to join us in our exclusive conversation in Hindi on latest updates on Bitcoin Price, Solana Wallet Hack along with an in depth explanation of the upcoming Ethereum Merge!

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⏱️ Timestamps:

0:00 – Disclaimer
0:12 – Introduction
2:48 – What is Crypto Market Cap?
3:51 – Crypto Market Cap shows Mild Recovery!
6:57 – Crypto Market Cap Excluding BTC & ETH
9:54 – BTC Price above $23000
11:46 – Ethereum Merge Impact on ETH Price
13:20 – Real World Impact on Crypto
14:32 – Ethereum Merge Explained
15:28 – Ethereum Merge Release Date
16:12 – Impact of Merge on Ethereum Ecosystem & ETH Price
18:52 – Will ETH Outperform BTC after the Merge?
21:24 – Solana Wallets Hacked Explained!
23:18 – Was Solana Blockchain Compromised during the Attack?
25:05 – ​​Impact on SOL Price after Solana Wallets Hacked!
27:33 – Conclusion

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Important Note: Price Analysis as of 5th August, 2022

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