BTC, ETH, And SOL Are Failing. These Are Your Best Buys For 2023

For the past few months, crypto markets as a whole have been in a dilapidated state that has greatly affected top cryptos. Investors are fighting hard against the strong bearish sentiment as Bitcoin’s value goes lower than expected. Turning to altcoins has proved rather unsuccessful at this point because of the recent insolvency of one of the biggest crypto exchanges, FTX.

As this hopeless situation continues, investors are abandoning BTC, ETH, and SOL to prefer new and emerging cryptos. Dash 2 Trade, RobotEra ,, and Calvaria have become the hottest presales this year and are expected to grow even further, making them the best buys for 2023. Let’s check out why these cryptos deserve so much praise.

Dash 2 Trade

In a very short time, Dash 2 Trade has made quite a name for itself. It has joined the league of the hottest and newest crypto presales this year. But very few people understand the unlocked potential of Dash 2 Trade, which could revolutionize how we trade crypto in the first place. The objective of its creators is to release a full-fledged cryptographic analytics platform.

The said platform would offer a plethora of useful tools, services, and features to simplify crypto trading. By doing so, Dash 2 Trade could become the crypto industry’s first-ever Bloomberg-like terminal to get real-time data. through its unique offerings like social sentiment, accurate trading signals for buy/sell opportunities, on-chain analysis for trending coins, a scoring system for crypto presales, and listing alerts for hyped cryptos.

But that is not all the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem has in store for us. There will be a reliable strategy builder where users can develop and test various trading strategies. But in order to make the most out of this ecosystem of trading tools and services, one must have a subscription and own the native ERC-20 tokens called D2T tokens.

All of this has hyped up its public presale a lot and caused global investors to partake in it enthusiastically. As a result, Dash 2 Trade’s total fundraising amount has reached more than $6 million in approximately 3 weeks. This proves how Dash 2 Trade is slowly gaining popularity and the trust of millions of market participants who want to invest in a high-potential crypto.

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Speaking of lucrative cryptos to invest in as alternatives, we cannot miss RobotEra, a new and sensational Metaverse project. This project focuses on creating an intriguing metaverse inspired by sandbox but accessible to all NFT communities. The world of RobotEra is set in a robot-building metaverse game where users can be robots on a planet and acquire resources from it to:

●    Participate in creating a world within the Metaverse.

●    Using the RobotEra editor to build land or robots

●    Exploring to your heart’s content and finding rewards

●    inviting NFTs from communities to enter the theme park

●    Submitting original works for display in museums

This shared multi-metaverse approach has attracted investors’ attention to RobotEra. The platform has already opened the presale for the public to join and buy TARO, its native crypto. Since its release, TARO has been selling fast, which makes it the perfect time to buy right now.

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If you have lost faith in the top cryptos due to the shift in the market, then it’s better to consider choosing a sustainable crypto to invest in. is a great alternative cryptocurrency that one could buy and invest in for the future of green initiatives in the world of crypto. The team behind this project is aiming to make it easier and safer to make contributions to sustainable projects.

Using the IMPT marketplace and a carbon credit approach, this project has made vast development in hopes of offsetting carbon emissions. Both individuals and businesses will be able to use the IMPT platform and receive its primary token, IMPT, as rewards. Carbon credits, on the other hand, can be tokenized to avoid fraud.

Its presale has earned more than $12 million, and it is still ongoing, which means you can still purchase IMPT from the official site.

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To avoid losses, crypto investors should look for a trending project with a solid utility and background, such as Calvaria: Duels of Eternity. Calvaria is not just any play-to-earn opportunity but a true pioneer that offers digital ownership for in-game resources. This means that players who win or buy in-game resources actually own their assets.

To top it all, Calvaria’s game economy is based on RIA tokens, which are available for purchase in the presale. By now, the RIA presale has raised more than 1.8 million USD and is inching closer to completion.

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Crypto markets have been notoriously unpredictable, as they observe the most drastic ups and downs each year. However, if you find yourself looking for the best buys for the next year, then D2T, TARO, IMPT, and RIA should be on your list as they look set to outperform more established cryptocurrencies and return you a healthy profit before 2024. 


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