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Welcome to our Crypto Passive Income Video!

What Are Blue Chip Cryptos?
Blue chip cryptos are established cryptocurrencies with institutional status, strong reputations, higher liquidity, lower volatility, and sizable market caps.

The term “blue chip” has its origins in the game of poker. In 19th-century America, the game of poker ruled the frontier landscape as red, white and blue poker chips regularly exchanged hands. The blue chips always held the highest value.

The term is popularly believed to have first been used to describe stocks in the 1920s. According to reports, a Dow Jones employee coined the term after noticing certain stocks trading much higher than others.

Throughout the century, “blue chip” came to refer to much more than just a high-priced stock. Today, it refers to stocks issued by established, financially stable companies with strong reputations for weathering storms and withstanding the test of time.

When it comes to crypto, the definition of “blue chip” remains much the same. Blue chip coins, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, have established themselves as institutions in the crypto/blockchain space.

Bitcoin is the original crypto and unquestionably the most established. While it is still subject to volatility at times, it has managed to consistently increase in value over time since its inception in 2008.

Ethereum has also grown incredibly in both prominence and value. As a DeFi pioneer and the primary platform for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), its blue chip status is in no danger of disappearing any time soon.

What Makes a Crypto Blue Chip?
Like their blue chip NFT counterparts, there are several factors distinguishing blue chip coins from the thousands of altcoin options now available for traders and investors with less aversion to risk. Some of these factors include:

Long-Standing Operation
First and foremost, blue chip cryptos aren’t exactly the new kids on the block. In fact, quite the opposite is true. They’ve been around for well over a decade and have withstood a wide variety of market conditions.

Founder’s Reputation
In the traditional world of stocks, the term “blue chip” is used to describe a well-established company globally recognized as a reliable investment. Blue chip companies have strong reputations for creating quality products or services and weathering downturns.

Institutional Status
No other coin has as much institutional support as Bitcoin. While Ethereum and its DeFi platforms are considered blue chips with some serious investors, Bitcoin is currently a part of corporate balance sheets like CME futures, Grayscale Trust ETFs, and more.

Large Market Cap
Traditionally, a minimum market capitalization of $5 billion is needed to earn blue chip crypto or stock status. As two of the crypto world’s heaviest hitters, Bitcoin and Ethereum blow this figure out of the water.

Higher Liquidity
High liquidity and being able to easily move in and out of positions is another hallmark of blue chip coins and stocks.


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