Ethereum and Bitcoin: Boom on the German stock exchange | Investments up 922%

Investment boom in the crypto sector in Germanywith Bitcoin and Ethereum who are leading the revolution in German stock exchange. Growth of 922% of the demand for this type of investment in 2021an impressive figure even when compared to other asset categories.

Great appetite not only of the institutional ones, but also as regards the other assets that are already traded in Germany through ETN / ETP / ETFor Polkadot, Cardano, Solana and overall 36 crypto-tokens and coins.

German Stock Exchange - Boom for Bitcoin and Ethereum
Incredible boom for Bitcoin and Ethereum on the German stock exchange

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Great success for cryptocurrency-based financial products in Germany

There Germany has long since assumed the leading role in the world of financial products based on cryptocurrencies. It is at its stock exchanges and specifically on Xetra the main ones are listed ETF funds that physically replicate the best cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoinwhich is the main asset of this category, but also Ethereumwhich also given the enormous market capitalization can only play the main role in this revolution.

Then there are several asset of the world of decentralized finance which are always reaping good results through the same tools and on the same exchanges. Let’s talk about Cardanobut also Solana and other products from this financial sector.

All this in parallel, again according to the official statement of Deutsche Borsa, for products that are linked to inflation. For those who prefer to talk about numbers, we are talking about a pile of investments, only for the sector cryptogreater than 1 billion eurosand for products that are however also available through exchange and through trading platforms, this is a result that perhaps few would have expected.

Germany leads, while in the USA …

There Old Europe also has German traction in the sector of cryptocurrenciesor rather, in the sector of financial products that physically replicate them. An almost paradoxical situation, given that products analogues they are having instead major problems in USEwhere is it SEC does not want to know approve of itat least by return of post.

An almost situation paradoxicalwhich shows how the world of cryptocurrencies it could be absolutely revolutionary on a level as well geopolitical. All this while for Bitcoinfor Ethereum and for the rest of the sector in USE is preparing a presidential order than in many they fear.

The great success of the products listed on Xetra is an unequivocal sign of the arrival in this sector of an already large core of investors – and who prefer to operate through the instruments that already knows. Something that, once again, we would have struggled to imagine just a while ago.

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