German Gov Sells BTC & Ethereum Doc Announced & Andrew Tate launched meme coin ⚡️ Hamster News

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⚡️Hamster News⚡️

Hey Hamsters! From over $650 million in liquidations, millions on the move, and a documentary about Ethereum – here are today’s headlines. Over the past two days, crypto markets have been bleeding, resulting in over $650 million in daily liquidations over the 24 hours alone. Andrew Tate launched meme coin called “DADDY”, it surpassed $150 million in market cap. Wallets associated with the defunct exchange Mt. Gox moved 47,228 Bitcoins to a new address from cold storage. A wallet that has been sleeping for over 12 years moved 119 Bitcoin. All while the German authorities have again sold Bitcoins, this time 1300 of them, prompting a German lawmaker to urge the government to stop this “hasty sell-off.” A feature documentary “Vitalik: An Ethereum Story” and the “Ethereum Stories” short film series, which have been in the making for 3 years, is launching September 18, with a trailer that you can mint dropping July 23. Well, that’s all for today! Subscribe and remember: Hamsters are power 💪

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🖇 Crypto market sees $665 million in daily liquidations
Andrew Tate launched meme coin called “DADDY”, it surpassed $150 million in market cap
Mt. Gox moves $2.7B in Bitcoin to new wallet address
A wallet that has been sleeping for over 12 years moved 119 Bitcoin
German lawmaker wants government to hodl Bitcoin (BTC), not sell
Release schedule announced for documentary “Vitalik: An Ethereum Story”

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