How To Buy Micro-Cap Cryptocurrencies Step-By-Step (Altcoin Walkthrough)

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The most common question we have been asked is ‘How to Buy these coins’ & ‘Where can we buy these coins.’ In this video we walk you through exactly how to find and buy those coins you cannot find on the exchanges like Binance & Coinbase.

If you were wondering How to Buy Chain Guardians, Vulcan Forged, Thetan Arena, Mobox, Radio Caca, Floki Inu and More… this is a full comprehensive guide on where and how to buy.

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Using Decentralized Exchanges these are all the biggest exchanges;

Uniswap for Ethereum
Pancakeswap for BNB
TraderJoe for Avalanche
Quickswap/Sushiswap for Polygon
Raydium for Solana (Will need a seperate wallet for SOL)
Spookyswap for Fantom

If you see any of these places listed in the ‘Market’ tab on coinmarketcap then your coin will be built on the corresponding network..

Please ask any questions I will be super happy to answer anything below 🙂

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