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00:00 Intro – Why ETH is going to 10K
00:17 Metric – ETH exchange balances are collapsing
00:40 ETH going to staking, programmer explains
01:42 ETH is super undervalued.
02:26 ETH being deflationary
02:45 Welcome to the chat
03:12 Coingecko markt overview – Sideways market
04:00 MoralisMoney experienced buyers top – Lot has changed on MoralisMoney
05:16 Fun being here because this industry is undervalued, programmer explains
06:40 Lido Staked Ether stETH explained
07:34 Rocket pool rETH explained
08:37 Lido is the biggest. On paper Rocketpool is the better one
09:08 Go through this bull market by being set up properly
09:46 People are locking ETH in by staking, Dune dot com overview
10:59 Polygon has some problems in this industry. Hardly any new coins
11:37 Because of lower fees there is no need for L2 solutions during the bear market
12:24 ETH is ETH and is still king
12:50 Shout out to Gaming Web3 video from Phil
14:15 Summary
15:14 Scammers and hackers are down 70 percent, programmer explains
16:24 Stay in control of your emotions.
16:49 Try multisig.
17:19 Tweet about losing seed phrase
18:40 The future of finance. DefiDad showing PARCL. Trading real estate
20:02 You can trade real estate in another country with PARCL
21:01 It is all about being able to invest in financial assets, programmer explains freedom money
22:23 We are so good in hiding this revolution with meme coins
22:44 Shout out to ByBit
23:25 Q&A
23:43 Q1: Who pays taxes and how are they collected with PARCL?
26:02 There should be more way to express financial freedom
26:39 Q2: Thoughts on Solana?
27:49 Q3: Is Radix still relevant?
28:10 Q4: Want to thank you for putting me on Matic?
28:29 Solana is not EVM compatible which is good, programmer explains
31:32 Q5: Blockchain dev question?
32:13 Q6: Swissborg still relevant in the next bullrun?
32:54 Q7: View on Algo?
33:57 Q8: DO you believe in AI model marketplace?
35:53 Q9: Why is the market supply for Gala different on CMC and Goingecko? thoughts on circulating supply
38:38 Q10: Planning to add music videos?
38:59 Q11: Thoughts on Lukso LYXE? Tech just needs to work
41:22 How many cores does your computer have?
42:22 We should stop counting the transactions per second like we counted cores. Just use it
43:08 Tech is a tool. Blockchain is a tool.
43:38 Outro

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