Is Aptos a Better Blockchain Than Ethereum or Bitcoin?

#Aptos is the hottest #blockchain of 2023, up 200% since the beginning of the year despite only launching last October. #blockchainnews

Aptos has talented developers and a sales pitch that feels familiar — a proof of stake consensus mechanism, smart contract support, and a purported 100k+ transactions per second capacity.

So why are we talking about VCs and #crypto?

Because we’re not sure that the world needs another layer one blockchain. But we *are* sure that the venture capitalists that backed Aptos, showering $200 million on the project when it was only four months old, are set to make a big payday when their tokens begin unlocking later this year.

In this episode we talk to Aptos co-founder and CTO Avery Ching about the nascent blockchain, cover the war between L1s and L2s, and predict a winner — though it’s not who you’d expect.

Listen to our full interview with Avery Ching on Twitter Spaces here.


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0:00-0:33 Intro
0:33-2:03 Enter: Aptos!
2:03-2:58 Aptos vs. Sui
2:58-3:48 Why Aptos is so hot right now
3:48-4:55 The war between L1 and L2 chains
4:55-6:21 Let’s talk about the VCs
6:21-6:52 Outro