Vechain (VET): Truth Revealed!!! | Is Vechain The Next 17x Coin??? | VET News & Price Prediction!!

What is (VET) VeChain?
An enterprise-grade L1 smart contract platform

Aims to solve data hurdles in various industries using distributed governance & IoT technologies

The platform has 2 tokens: VET & VTHO
Manage & create value on the VeChainThor public blockchain

VET generates VTHO & acts as a store of value & value transfer medium

VTHO pays for GAS costs & reduces the need to expend VET when writing data

History & Performance
Started as a private consortium chain in 2015 & transitioned to a public blockchain in 2017

Sunny Lu: CEO of the VeChain Foundation

VeChain Foundation: a non-profit entity responsible for network construction, R&D & business development

Encourages partnerships with enterprises interested in utilizing blockchain technology

Gu Jianliang: Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Feng: Chief Operations Officer

VeChain Team: 90+ employees ▶︎ focus on developers

VeChain = increased efficiency, traceability, & transparency in data trails & supply chains

ATH price: $0.280991 – Apr 19, 2021
ATL price: $0.00191713 – Mar 13, 2020

Market Cap: $1,408,525,738
Total Supply: 85,985,041,177
Max Supply: 86,712,634,466
Circulating Supply: 72,714,516,834

On-Chain Data
VET Real Volume
04/22 – 05/21 / 2023: -42.09%

ETH Real Volume
04/22 – 05/21 / 2023: -50.27%

VET Marketcap Dominance
04/22 – 05/21 / 2023: -11.09%

ETH Marketcap Dominance
04/22 – 05/21 / 2023: -0.51%

VET Volatility
04/22 – 05/21 / 2023: -34.82%

ETH Volatility
04/22 – 05/21 / 2023: -26.25%

The week ending on April 15th was a historic one for cryptocurrency markets

Top Smart Contracts

Smart contract platform sector: led by VeChain (VET) ▶︎ total return of 63% over that week

Cosmos (ATOM): the second-best performing asset of the group ▶︎ a return of 37%
EOS (EOS), Ethereum (ETH) & Cardano (ADA) ▶︎ weekly returns ranging from 21% to 24%

Solana (SOL): the underperformer of the group
The only smart contract platform with a negative return ▶︎ -2%

Latest News
VeChain: looking to attract venture capital (VC) in Europe to drive growth & development

VC funding in blockchain projects has been increasing in Europe = institutional investor confidence

VeChain: optimistic about securing VC investments & highlighted the favorable regulatory environment in Europe

Recent analysis showed substantial growth in VC funding for European blockchain projects

Increased VC inflows could boost confidence in VeChain’s native crypto, VET, & encourage network development

VeChain has experienced a resurgence of development activity in the last 3 weeks

Investor sentiment & on-chain volume for VET have been low but may improve with VC support

VET’s price has seen a 7.29% upside from its 3-month low = some demand & increased investor confidence

The prospects of VC funding improve VeChain’s long-term outlook

Partnership with UFC & its $100 million deal showcases its involvement in sports & entertainment

Partnership with OrionOne to offer cost-effective & easy-to-use blockchain solutions for logistics

Strategic partnership with TruTrace Technologies to enhance traceability in industries such as cannabis & pharmaceuticals

Blockchain technology has the potential to boost global GDP by $1.76 trillion by 2030, & VeChain could benefit from this growth

The supply chain management market is projected to reach $42.46 billion by 2027, creating opportunities for VeChain

VET: currently a market capitalization of $1.4 billion & the 38th largest cryptocurrency globally, with a daily trading volume of $26 million
Price predictions ▶︎ 2025: from $0.09 to $0.22 & 2030: from $0.38 to $1.79 = about 6200% profit

Price Prediction: VeChain (VET)

2024: $0,041
2026: $0,089
2028: $0,19
2030: $0,40

2024: $0,049
2026: $0,086
2028: $0,092
2030: $0,20

2024: $0,041
2026: $0,091
2028: $0,20
2030: $0,42

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